Friday, June 21

Mexico 2013 Family Trip


Play dates

Arie's has plenty of play dates...

With Piper Jane

With Mr. B

And daddy!

First Bites

Arie's first bites at 6 months were of blueberries. I also made some puree of carrots/pears and squash/apple. Time to start solids!

5.5 months

Arie's 5.5 month photo shoot! I will say that we are really blessed to have such a happy little boy. Arie, you've changed our world, but we would never want it any other way!

Sunday Afternoons

Givin' a shout out to U. Joe, A. Keri and B!

Sunday afternoon hang sesh with the W's. 

Oma's 80th Birthday and Visiting Nana and Papa

Arie's first trip to Michigan to hang with Nana and Papa and surprise Omi for her 80th birthday with Auntie Jamie and Cam.

 Arie and Nana

You and Papa

Opi and Omi!

Autie Jamie lovin' on you!

Poolside with Arie, J and Cam

4 months

 Need I say anything...

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